Creative Halloween Pumpkins

3 Oct 2012 by

In the search for unique ways to take pumpkins beyond the typical carving, I scoured the pages and pages of Pinterest pins to see what I could find. I thought I would share some of the wonderful ideas that I discovered. These are in no particular order… I hate to pick favorites! ;)


Every princess needs her pumpkin carriage. Make creative use of hardware finds to build this unique display. They even included the little white mice. Awww. I really want to try this one!

Find a pale pumpkin or gourd and cover in a lacy black stocking for a sexy, beautiful decoration. This would also be fun done in colors to suit your decor… a little surprise tucked on a mantle or bookshelf.

A little gauze from the bandage aisle and some googly eyes from the craft section and you’ve got a pumpkin your mummy will love! This is a great project for the kids.

Thin soldering wire, needle nose pliers, twist and there you go! Don’t make the holes with the wire, use a thin screwdriver. Add some beads for fun. Save the decorations, you can reuse them next year!

These adorable pumpkins will drive everyone batty! DON’T click through on this pin! It leads to a money scam site. I hesitated to share because of this, but it is just too fun not to share. The look could be achieved with many types of materials. Another great kid’s projects.

Who knew spiders could be so pretty?! Dazzle them with this rhinestone-studded wonder.