Is it Naptime Yet?

25 Apr 2013 by

naptimeYou may have noticed a distinct lack of certain content that I post daily and that there has been very little activity around here. I’m not checking out on you all… it has just been a rough couple of days.

Xander has been having a round of bad nights because his eczema has flared again. He just scratches until he cries out and I try to rub his skin to ease it. We’re looking into trying ti eliminate dairy again, but we’re open to other possible ideas too. I don’t know what caused it. I’m wondering if it’s tied to my own skin issue flaring up. It’s been fine for over a year and now my fingers are covered in the tiny blisters that indicate I had contact with something I shouldn’t have. It hurts and it’s frustrating.

We also had some suspicious activity in the neighborhood and I was on edge. A neighbor’s house that had been unoccupied and declared abandoned over two years ago suddenly had light on in the middle of the night. I hadn’t noticed any moving vehicles and the notices posted on the front door were still there. A single officer arrived and twas walking around the house. After a bit a second officer showed up and went directly in the house. A few neighbors showed up and there was arm failing and angry gestures. I got the impression that they might have actually known this guy (that looked visibly dirty and un-groomed), but I didn’t recognize him. The police hung around until the  guy left the property in his car… but the vehicle was back later on. The whole thing has me on edge.

So, I have gotten very little sleep and I have no motivation. I will try to be back in a bit… right now a sleepy kid and I need to just lay around a bit.