{Interviews With Myself} Favorite Books

16 Aug 2013 by


What is your favorite book?


I like to read a lot of books. My tastes range from classics to science fiction… and almost everything in between… so picking a single favorite book is very difficult for me. I’ll try to narrow my selections down to five. In no particular order, my top five favorite books are:

Watership Down- I may have never discovered this lovely book if I didn’t have such a wonderful eighth grade teacher. She specialized in literature and English, so it’s no surprise that she kept a small library of books for us students to check out. In the course of my year with her, I read through every book on that shelf and wrote book reports for most of them. Many of the books went well beyond our grade level, but I had been reading beyond my grade level for years. As a reward, Mrs. Mickey gave me a copy of her favorite book; Watership Down. I have since owned five copies of this book… each handed off to be enjoyed by another person in my life.

Jane Eyre- It was my dad that encouraged me to read this classic tale of a young girl that rises above a childhood of cruelty and abuse. There are elements of dark romance and page-turning mystery. Dad considered it one of his favorites, as well… and I happily add myself to the list of devoted fans. I have easily read this book fifty times.

The Dragonriders of Pern- Not so much a single book here. It’s actually a comprehensive series of fantasy books centered around the imaginary world of Pern. This is where my love of dragons and the fantasy genre began. I’ve read all but the most recent in the series. I hope to someday compile the entire collection and re-read them all.

Where the Sidewalk Ends- Shel Silverstein creates amazing poetry that can appeal to kids and stick with them into adulthood. His compilations taught me that poetry could be fun. The illustrations that accompany each poem just make it that much more enticing. One of those books that I can’t wait to share with Xander.

Da Vinci Code- This is one of my newer favorites. It made me think and speculate and started many awesome conversations with other people; both those that had and had not read the book. I enjoyed it enough to read another Dan Brown book… and another… and another… until I had read all he’s written. I love his style of writing, because you find yourself doubting that it is fiction.

What are your favorite books?