6 Aug 2013 by

I know, I know… I’ve been missing a bit the last several days and it has all gone to crud around here. I just can’t seem to come back from vacation. My brain is just not in writing mode. That’s not good, because I have a ton of reviews, giveaways, and fun articles to share with you. Thanks to a product trial I’m doing for an unnamed diet drug, I have tons of energy and ambition… just not for writing. Meanwhile, my house looks great and I’ve gotten loads of knitting done.

Today, I vowed to come back at least on some level. There will be a new giveaway posted for you very shortly. I’ll also have the daily app freebie and TeeFury tee up soon along with my “Interview With Myself” post and my “Rediscovering My Spark” entry. After that, I may need recovery time. LOL

  • Kristina L

    Welcome back! Looking forward to more great posts from you! Gotta love a clean house :)