{Photo A Day} Storm

7 Aug 2013 by

Our area was hit by a surprise, freak storm last night. All of the weather reports called for a mild thunderstorm… but in the middle of the night we were hit by winds topping 100 miles per hour. The damage is crazy and spread over a huge area affecting numerous cities. Thousands of people without power.

Our house survived the night intact. We have a few tree branches down, but nothing major. We never lost power. My mom’s power has been out since the middle of the night. Her home is in order, too… just a little stuffy without air conditioning.

Today’s photos were not taken by me. They are examples of the damage. Though it appears to be otherwise, there was no report of a tornado anywhere… this is all just wind damage. Scary!

  • judy gardner

    while i love mild thunderstorms the major ones are scary! my heart goes out to those people who suffered damage during your storm and so glad you all are intact and not hurt!

  • Kristina L

    Oh my goodness 100 mile an hour winds will do some real bad damage, how scary. So glad that you are ok. I hope the others can fix their damage soon. The weather has been crazy everywhere this year!