{Rediscovering My Spark} Love Your Body

6 Aug 2013 by


Name at least one thing that you love about your body.


My Eyes

My Eyes

One of my favorite features are my eyes. I know that’s what everyone says and a bit of a cop-out, but I love having blue eyes. They change color with my mood… pale when I’m happy and dark when I’m angry or sad.  They are the feature I have always been most complimented on and the feature I most play up when applying makeup. They pop a very dark blue… almost aqua… when I wear brown eye makeup. Occasionally I will wear color-enhancing contacts, too.

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  • lovemy2dogs

    Sadly I would have to say my feet. lol That is about the only thing on my body that is not overweight.

  • Debbie

    I would have to say my legs. Even though I am over weight now, I still get compliments on having nice legs.