Sometimes, it’s time for a change. Whether you’ve been living in a house for years, or just moved in yesterday, things need improving. Which is why I came up with three improvements that can make your house amazing!


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A New Roof

The roof is something that often goes neglected in most homes. It’s only when you step outside and take a look at it that you realise how gross it is. If your house is quite old, you’ll probably have an old looking roof. The tiles will look outdated, and I bet there’s a lot of dirt and moss growing on them. This doesn’t make for a very good look. No one will walk passed your house and think oh, that looks lovely! Compare it to the other roofs in your neighbourhood and you may even get embarrassed.

My top tip is to get yourself a new roof. That’s right, get a new roof. Have your old one stripped away and go for something new and more contemporary. These days, there are loads of different materials that can be used as roofing. You aren’t confined to the ugly slate tiles of years gone by. Choose a modern material and your home will see instant benefits. Not only will newer materials last longer and be more weather resistant, but they also look nicer too. If your home has a nice roof, the aesthetic appeal is immediately increased. Now, people will walk passed and actually take notice of your house. You can take pride in the way it looks, your home is now a castle!



Bathroom Renovation

No house is complete without a stunning bathroom. For most of us, the bathroom is a very personal place. It’s somewhere we go to relax and have a bath or shower. It’s a room we feel more comfortable in if it looks nice. We don’t feel comfortable in bathrooms that don’t look good and aren’t taken care of. If you’ve ever been in a friends bathroom, you’ll realise you don’t feel at ease. It’s weird sitting on a toilet that isn’t yours, and not being in a familiar setting. You’ll get this same uneasy feeling if your bathroom gets outdated and starts to look horrible. Most of the time, this happens when you first move into a house. Particularly if the previous residents lived there for years and didn’t do up the bathroom. You’re stuck with a room that doesn’t feel like it belongs to you.

So, it’s time to get your thinking cap on and start planning a bathroom renovation. In my opinion, this is possibly the most fun room to renovate in the house. There’re lots of cool things you can add to a bathroom to make it stand out. Want my advice? Go for a super modern look. Get a brand spanking new bathtub and sink. If you have enough room, why not get a water room fitted too? And then comes the tiles, all bathrooms need tiles because they’re the best surface for dealing with water. You can see loads of bathroom tile ideas on the TileMarkets website if you need some inspiration. Slowly but surely, your new room is coming together! Trust me, redecorating your bathroom will make your home fit for a king.


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No More Carpet

For me, there’s no place for carpet in today’s households. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, there’s still some use for it. But, in general, the trend has shifted to other flooring options. Back in the day, people would have crazy carpet designs in almost every room of the house. The only places that wouldn’t have carpet were the kitchen and bathroom. Now, those days are over. There’s been a shift in the trend to things like laminate and hardwood flooring. Why? Because these look better and are easier to maintain. Carpet can be a real pain to clean and if something spills you’re likely to be left with a stain. Laminate/hardwood flooring is simply more practical and attractive.

If you want your home to look better, you should rip up some of that old carpet and get a modern flooring laid down. Don’t worry, you can still get some of the benefits that a carpet will offer by buying some luxury rugs. Carpets are good for retaining heat and keeping rooms warm. With a rug, you can do just that and have a gorgeous new flooring too.

I strongly recommend any one of these ideas if you’re sick of the way your home looks and feels. By making some improvements, your house can quickly turn into a castle.

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