It’s Day Eight of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and it’s time for me to share an old photo of myself. My choices here are pretty slim. My parents used to take a lot of photos of us, but between a fire when I was in my early teens and a flood in my early twenties, a significant part of our photos were lost. I pretty much just have a few digital copies of photos given to me by other people and a couple of bad selfies from my twenties.

The first picture is of my late father and me. I was about two years old in this picture. It’s one of the very few pictures I have remaining of my dad. 🙁


The next photo is me (leaning over the couch) with my little sister, Angel. I was six or seven here. We wore a lot of pink in those days, but to be fair that was about all they offered for girls growing up in the 80’s. 😉


This next one is a bit tough to look at, but it was taken the day I got bandages off after my chemical burn accident… two weeks after the accident. I was 23 here. Despite the pained look on my face, it felt really good to finally get those bandages off!


So, there’s a peek into my past. I think, despite my weight gain after that last photo, that I have always looked pretty much the same. It’s definitely easy to pick me out in old photos!

What is your favorite old photo of yourself?

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