Well, if you’ve ever wondered what a typical day in my life looks like, then you’ll be happy we’ve made it to Day Fifteen of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! My days are pretty boring and average, I guess, but here goes.

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I typically get up for the day with my husband. His alarm starts going off at 4:00 am… I wake at that time, but he takes another three to four alarms to get up. 😛 I will usually set right to work on my points sites like InstaGC and Swagbucks while Ross gets ready. They have the most available early in the mornings. Ross doesn’t eat breakfast and I wait until Xander is up to eat, so we pretty much say our goodbyes and he heads off to work right after getting ready. I will keep working until I attempt to wake Xander at about 6:00 am… like his daddy, he doesn’t wake up on the first try. 😉 When Xander is awake, we have breakfast together while we watch some kids’ shows. If there is time, we will play a game or do some reading before school. We head off to the bus before 8:00 am.

When I get back from the bus stop, I exercise. This takes me about an hour. I will then take a quick shower and get back to work on the points sites and also start blog-related work. This is when I usually see what’s happening on social media. I work until about 11:00 when I break for lunch. While my lunch is cooking, I take some time to do knitting or reading. I will typically catch up on one of my shows from the night before while I eat. My 600-Pound Life, Greys Anatomy, and Big Bang Theory are some of my favorites. I give myself a one-hour lunch break and I force myself to use the whole time.

After lunch, it’s back to work. I have usually run out of things on my points sites by this time, so I strongly focus on blogging. This is the time I usually get to the actual writing of content and seeking out collaboration with companies. I work pretty steadily until about 3:00 pm. Xander and Ross are typically home within that range. Most days, I’m the one that will walk down to get Xander from the bus stop.

The boys come home hungry, so we typically have our dinner pretty close to 4:00 pm. I prep that after returning from the bus stop. We eat dinner and then have a bit of family time. Some nights we’re all into playing games or watching some TV… other nights we sort of do our own thing. A couple times a week, this time is for karate. About once a week we do grocery shopping. Before bed, we will do any homework or reading that Xander was assigned. We will typically have a snack because we eat dinner so early. Xander heads off to bed at about 7:00 pm and Ross and I are typically in bed by 9:00 pm.

It sounds boring, but somehow we seem to always be busy! Obviously, weekends are completely different from this, but also very busy.

What does your typical day look like?

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