We now come to Day Nineteen of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and you get to see my bad side. Time to talk about my worst habits. Yikes!

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I think my bad habits are mostly pretty common. I have a bad habit of chewing my nails, for example. I like the looks of long nails, but the feel of them starts to irritate me… so I chew them off. I can’t even use the excuse of it being a nervous habit. There’s no conceivable reason why I can’t just get up and grab some clippers instead of biting. I try nail polish to help, but then I just peel off the nail polish and then bite. I’m hopeless!

My soda drinking is a bad habit. It’s almost a running joke at this time about how often I swear I’ll never drink the stuff again. You can even meander through the posts on this blog and you’ll see I have given up soda “for good” about a million times. ← That’s really not that much of an exaggeration. My name is Tonya and I’m a diet Mountain Dew addict.

The nail biting may not be a nervous habit, but I do have a weird tendency to scratch at my lip when I’m nervous or stressed. It’s always that spot in the corner right where the upper and lower lips meet. It’s also always on the right. I don’t know why I do this, but it’s something I have done since I was a kid. I have gotten much better… I used to keep it up even when it got raw.

I can’t finish projects because I’m always starting new ones. I have probably driven a few of my Instagram and real life knitter friends crazy with this because I always share beginnings of projects… but a finished project is quite rare. I currently have three socks, two hats, four coloring pages, and two books in progress. I also have my home gym half cleared out… it’s mostly usable but cramped. Oh, and I have a computer monitor sitting in my Amazon cart because I hate to click buy and lose my stash of gift cards. Did I mention I’m hopeless?

I’m sure that the people I’m close to… my husband in particular… could give you many more of my bad habits, but this will have to do for now. 😉

What are your bad habits?

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