We have made it to Day Seventeen of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! We shift over to books with today’s topic… specifically my favorite childhood book.

I have a lot of favorite books! It is really hard to narrow it down, so I will choose the one with the best story. 😉 It’s not that this was the best written or told the best tale… it’s the way I first received a copy that is special. When I was in eighth grade, I had a really amazing teacher. Her name was Mrs. Mickey.

Credit: http://watershipdown.wikia.com/wiki/Watership_Down_(book)

My time at that specific school had been really rough. My sister and I were the new kids in a school full of “legacy” students, so we were outcasts. We each made only one true friend there. The school wanted to teach me on level with everyone else even when I was testing out of their curriculum. My parents, naturally, wanted to be sure I was being challenged. It was a struggle for several years.

Mrs. Mickey was on my side, though. When I made it to her class in eighth grade, she used her own free time to create more challenging assignments for me. She actively encouraged me to read books beyond my grade level. She kept a small library of her own books in the classroom and I eventually read through every one of them.

The day after I read the last book, Mrs. Mickey brought me a copy of (affiliate link) Watership Down. It was brand new… still had that new book smell… and she said it was mine to keep. I loved it! I have read that book many times since, but my love for it is more because of sentiment and an amazing teacher that cared enough to keep challenging me.

Thank you, Mrs. Mickey!

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