It’s Day Six of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and today is about exploring three of my own personality traits that make me proud. This is honestly going to be a tough one for me… I don’t tend to think of myself in this way.



Some may find this irritating about me… and it has truthfully led to more than a few arguments… but I tend to be honest to a fault. I will keep my mouth shut when I feel I need to, but if you ask me for my opinion you can count on it being the truth. I try to deliver it tactfully, but I’ll admit I’m not always perfect in that goal. I still am proud of my ability to be honest, because I know it’s one big thing my loved ones can count on about me.


I have a few people that I will stand by through anything. Even when we have disagreements or get separated by busy schedules, I will still be there for them. This part of my personality can be tough on me… my sister and our troubled relationship is a great example (see honesty above)… but I am proud that people can know that I will be there for them if they need me.


I love to learn new things. I will easily get caught up in a topic I learn about and obsess over it for days. That topic will lead to another topic. YouTube has seriously made this trait even stronger and led me to even more topics to learn. If you have ever gotten caught up in YouTube auto-play, you’ll understand. 😉 This trait has made me well educated on a lot of random topics.

What are three personality traits you are proud of about yourself?

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