It’s Day Three of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and today is an exploration of how I created my business name.

There has been a lot of curiosity… and at times irritation… over my decision to name my business Tyrneathem. I can understand that the word is complicated to pronounce. Honestly, that’s because it’s not really a word. It’s derived from Gaelic and Elvin words that I smacked together. It essentially means “Children of the Dragons.”


The most accurate way I can type out the pronunciation is tayr-nay-tum. The middle syllable probably carries the most emphasis, but my pronunciation varies a bit depending on the sentence I’m using the word in and my mood. It’s not really my word but it’s also not a real word, so I can do what I want with it 😉

I came up with Tyrneathem in an attempt to come up with a unique screen name for an online journal. That journal became the very first version of this site. The site has evolved a lot… so much so that I even changed name and direction for a bit… but I keep coming back to Tyrneathem. It’s just me!

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