It’s  Day Twelve of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. You will now have a dozen days’ worth of information that you may or may not have wanted to know. Lucky you! 😉

The topic for today is “If I won the lottery…” Hmmm…. I feel like we would all do so much with a lottery win, but I think it would ultimately depend on how much the lottery was worth.


A smaller lottery win (anything under one to two million) would be used to pay off and renovate the house and the car. We would probably get a second car also. Anything left would go into savings for a rainy day and Xander’s education.

A larger lottery would leave a lot more room to play. We would still do the paying off of the house and car. Ross and I have both said we would keep our existing house for sentimental reasons, but we would do major renovations and/or rent it out. We would definitely go on vacations… especially another cruise and a trip to Disney World. It would also give us the means to visit a few other countries on our wish list. I’m sure we would do a lot of shopping and upgrading of our wardrobe and electronics. We would still be responsible and make investments and savings to guarantee Xander would also live comfortably throughout his lifetime. I would love to start my own business. I have also wanted to get into flipping house since before it was a thing.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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