We are almost to the end of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! I’ll be talking about my bucket list today.

Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/the-bucket-list-734593/

I think that most of my bucket list has to do with travel. I have seen much of the United States, but I would really love to get overseas. The top destinations on my list are pretty typical ones… Paris, Rome, Stonehenge, Australia, and London, for example.

I would love to become fluent in at least one other language. I think Spanish would probably serve me best. I am learning through Duolingo… slowly.

It’s probably not a surprise, but I would also like to get back to my ideal weight. It would be a bonus to go beyond that weight goal and into being able to do marathons and be in great physical shape.

I would love to learn to swim, skydive, and ski. These would require me to get over some fears like drowning, heights, and breaking bones, but they are top on my list of sports I would like to learn.

It would be wonderful to open my own store. I have an idea combining my love of books, knitting, and tea. 😉

What are some items on your bucket list?

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