It’s time to share the love on Day Twenty-Six of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! Today I get to tell you about five of my favorite blogs.


I had been writing a blog strictly as a journal for many years, but then I met a blogger making real money with her love of writing. Though we never exchanged our real names and she probably has no idea who I am, the creator of SlapDashMom gave me my first tips and set me on this road to Tyrneathem. 🙂

I made a very good friend when I found A Lucky Ladybug. It was her that ran the very first giveaway I shared and we hit it off immediately. She was a true mentor in my toddler steps through blogging. We’ve become good friends and confidants in the years since. I am so glad we met each other. ♥

Though she has decided to move on to a social media only format, I have to give a shout out to Ashley at Thoughts and Reviews. We are newer friends, but she has been a special fan of Tyrneathem. She really encouraged me to keep going with this site when I had my doubts. She’s why Tyrneathem still exists. 😉

Another long-time friend and special blogger is Monica’s Rants, Raves & Reviews! Monica is such an amazing lady and her blog is definitely worth a follow. 🙂

I will wrap this list up with Budget Earth. Susan and her gorgeous Malamutes make my day! 😀

What are your favorite blogs?

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