We have made it to Day Twenty of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! I am kind of having fun with this and thinking I might seek out another challenge when I complete this one. For now, we get to discuss where I would like to be in ten years.

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Well, alive would be a good start. I would be only 48, so my odds are pretty good there… even in my family. 😛

Got so dark there for a moment.

In ten years, our house should be paid off and Xander will be in high school. I hope this will give Ross and I some freedom to make renovations on the house and enjoy some time as just the two of us. I would love to have found a way to keep blogging in whatever form it takes ten years from now. Maybe, by then, I’ll have figured out how to write content people other than my mom want to read. 😉 I hope we have continued our new tradition of a summer trip, but with Xander being older maybe we can take the trips overseas. Other than that, I foresee life being pretty similar to now… just with some puberty and teen angst instead of growth spurts and tantrums. 😉

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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