On to Day Twenty-Three of the 31 Day Blog Challenge! We’re in the homestretch now! We get to talk about my pet peeves. Much like the music discussion yesterday, my pet peeves sort of fluctuate with whatever is currently happening in my life and the surrounding world.

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Topping my pet peeve list at the moment is negativity. I’m not dogging on the typical moments of negativity that we all have from time to time… I know you guys are aware I have those moments myself. Honestly, this whole post could be construed as negative. This is more about social media and online commenting like that on blogs or message boards. There are always those people who have to make a negative or derogatory comment. I am frustrated that so many people think it’s okay to say things online that they would never say to one another in person.

I have been getting very frustrated with bad drivers lately. Is this just happening in Wisconsin? It seems as if impatience is the biggest contributor to bad driving. I have so many stories I could tell of people speeding past us in irritation when we were already going a couple miles per hour over the speed limit in the “fast lane.” We can add almost daily stories of near-misses in roundabouts because people can’t take the five minutes to learn how to drive in them or the 5 seconds to yield like they are supposed to. I also believe people should need to be re-tested on driving skills more frequently. It’s quite clear people have forgotten some of the most basic laws.

Littering is another huge issue to me. It’s so disrespectful to others and our planet. My biggest peeve under this topic is when smokers drop their cigarette butts wherever they please. I have actually been burned by a still-hot cigarette butt flying from a car ahead of us and into my face through an open window!

I’m sure if you got to me on the right day I would have a million more peeves, but these are the big ones.

What are your pet peeves?

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