It is now Day Twenty-Two of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and Mother’s Day! The topic today is my ten favorite songs. This is going to be tough! I like music from a variety of genres and spanning from years before I was born to now… how will I choose?! I’ll do my best to list ten that come to mind the quickest and in no particular order of preference.


  1. Glory of Love by Peter Cetera is a long-time favorite and was our first dance song at our wedding. I have loved this one since Karate Kid and continued to love it after I found my “knight in shining armor come to save the day.”
  2. Sing by Pentatonix is a recent favorite. It always gets me dancing! I really like a lot of their songs… both original and remade.
  3. With You in Your Dreams by Hanson is a sad song but meant to bring some comfort. This was played at my dad’s funeral. I had a Hanson phase in my late teens and early twenties. They were a bright escape in a pretty dark time.
  4. Return to Innocence by Enigma is one of those that might seem out of place from the others, but it just takes me to another place. It’s hypnotic.
  5. Only Time by Enya is calming and meditative. I love this one on rainy days. Honestly, Enya is one of the few artists where I can listen to their entire albums.
  6. Mummer’s Dance by Loreena McKennitt touches on my love for Celtic music and history.
  7. Standing Stones by Loreena McKennitt really takes me away to another time.
  8. Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard is a classic that makes me headbang and sing into a hairbrush. Doesn’t everybody do that to great hairband music? Def Leppard is another artist where I enjoy entire albums.
  9. Rebel Heart by The Corrs is an amazing instrumental. I love violin music and the modern mixed with Celtic feel just gets me every time.
  10. Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling manages to combine dubstep with classical violin. It’s beautiful! I love when modern music brings back an appreciation of more classical instruments. She also does a great rendition of Radioactive. Her videos are amazing too.

This is by no means a complete list. I didn’t even get to country, oldies, or classical. My music tastes really are all over and what I like at the time greatly depends on my mood or what is going on at that time in my life. I have a few songs… some listed above… that have withstood the test of time.

What are your favorite songs?

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