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We’re getting close to the end of the holiday season, but there is still time to get a great, unique gift! The 3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights are a collection of night lights made in the style of popular characters. With a range of designs from Paw Patrol and My Little Pony to Marvel and Star Wars, there is something for kids and adults to dress up their bedrooms and game rooms. We received the Captain America Shield design to review. This retails for $29.99. Before receiving the light, I thought that the price was a bit steep… but now that we have it, I would like to get more!

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

The light comes with a “crack” sticker that you place on your wall. It stuck easily even on our lightly-textured wall. It was a little challenging to get the sticker to separate from the backing in the areas where the sticker gets very small like on the tips of the crack. If you purchase, make sure you are very carefully using a card or flat object to get every edge adhered to your wall. The sticker has the spots pre-marked so you know exactly where you need to place the screws.

The 3DLightFX 3D Deco Light is made of lightweight plastic. It is very easy to place on the wall. If it were to somehow be knocked down (kids will be kids), it is lightweight enough that it would not be dangerous. I don’t think the light will break easily. The lights are surprisingly bright but remain cool to the touch.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

The light is cordless and takes 3 AAA batteries. We used rechargeable batteries and were able to run the light for a full three days on one charge. At that point, it had noticeably faded and we got another day of very dim light. If you were to just use it at bedtime for a nightlight or occasional accent lighting, your battery time will be better. Our average is about a week and a half on one charge. I do wish there was an option for a plug-in adapter, but I can admit that this would mess with the 3D aesthetics of the light.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

The overall effect is pretty realistic. We’re really happy with the light. My only true complaint is how quickly it goes through batteries, but we’re able to offset that a bit by using rechargeables. It’s a great way to add a fun touch to your room! You can buy them at Target or Target.com.

Pros: Looks believable. Bright light. Cool to touch. Fun accent for kids, game rooms, or man caves.

Cons: Drains batteries.

Overall Rating

3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are the perfect gift this holiday season. They have a full range of comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! They are battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them anywhere in the room! Your kids will love having these in their rooms and they’re also the perfect editions to a den, family room, man’s cave or office! Find all of these amazing products here.

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