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Capes, masks and cake: sound like the top three ingredients for a kick-ass superhero party! If you’re planning a party for your little hero or heroine (or even yourself) and are stuck on birthday party ideas look no further, the superhero party is a guaranteed hit. Here are a couple of ways to make it sure it’s a winner:


Calling all Superheroes! If you’re looking to do your invites yourself it doesn’t have to be a battle: stack up on a pile of different coloured card, a pair of scissors, some felt-tip pens and your imagination. Take some inspiration from the pop-art style speech bubble, and cut jagged edged circles in different colours for a bold, big-statement invites that pack a punch! Moms and Dads still get all the right information, while the kids love the invitation itself.


If you’re throwing a superhero party it’s hard to go past bright green rock candy as the perfect kryptonite. Cupcakes are a great canvas for your favourite superhero emblems, think yellow and black for Batman, blue and red for Spiderman. POP(corn) in movie-style holders make a fun snack, and for a Batman party, Oreo bats with edible stick-on eyes are too cute!

Here are some more ideas for superhero party food on Pinterest.


With fancy dress parties people tend to assume you’ll have to drop a lot of money on a costume: whether you buy it or make it. This isn’t the case any more – jump online or pop into your local thrift shop and get creative. There are plenty of options these days when it comes to making a costume, and if you aren’t too handy with a needle and thread: plain coloured t-shirts and iron-ons also work!

Remember that many superheros have an “everyday” diguise – such as Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. You could dress your little hero up in one of these outfits, with a superhero t-shirt underneath, for him to rip open his shirt and expose. (Check out this whole Pinterest board dedicated to Clark Kent costumes for this concept)

While buying a full piece costume is always a fun idea, the likelihood of them coming home in one piece is often unlikely. Kids should be able to both show off their cool costume, but run around and play in it too. So stick to a budget and don’t worry too much if it gets dirty.

You kids can always make up their own superheros. Just find anything sparkly, spandexy and fun. For the star of the show, head over to Spencer’s and pick up a pair of Birthday Babe glasses to really stand out!


The decorative buzzword these days is bunting! DIY and make your own using coloured photocopies of comic book pages onto card or paper, and a roll of string or twine – easy as pie! With superhero party decorations, the brighter the better: balloon garlands are so simple to do and look fantastic.

As with all birthday party ideas, you’ll need a ton of creativity and a little bit of hard work to pull off a successful superhero birthday party, but if you keep our tips in mind and Spencer’s saved to your bookmark page on the computer, your next superhero party might not be such a super mission!

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