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It is not always easy to see your loved ones age in front of your eyes, especially when they start to become frailer or can no longer do things for themselves. However, there is a wealth of things that you can do to help care for them as they get older, read on to find out what they are.

Keep Them Integrated in Family Life

One of the biggest things that older people can struggle with is how isolated and unlike their old vibrant selves they feel. Happily, you can make a massive difference in this area if you make an effort to keep them integrated into family life as much as possible.

To do this invite them along to all family events like BBQs and dinners, as well as ensuring that you encourage the kids to call or Skype them on a regular basis.

Also, it can be beneficial to ask for their help, support, or advice from time to time. This is because doing so can make people feel incredibly valued and respected for their age and wisdom rather than ignored.

Provide Support After Hospital Stays

Sadly, declining health is often a fact of getting older, and this means hospital visits can become a more frequent occurrence. However, it is vital to remember that even when your elderly relative is released from the hospital, it is important that you offer them help and support as they are recovering.

To do this, you may pop over regularly to help with chores and provide some company. Although, it can also be useful to use an in-home respite care service as well, especially if you work full time. Then you can be sure that your relative is getting all the care they need during the time that you cannot be there.


Listen to Them

Next, it is surprising how much older people report not feeling as if they have been listened to, especially about major life changes such as moving home. Of course, some folks may struggle with issues such as dementia that can make communicating what is happening tough. However, there are many, more that don’t and it is vital that their voice is heard about these significant life events so do make the time to discuss significant chance with you ages relatives before they happen.

Help Them to Request Help

Lastly, another way that you can help care for your relative as they get older is to encourage them to ask for assistance when they need it. This can be something that is particularly tough for the older generation to do, as they have traditionally put so much stock in being independent and doing things under their own steam.

However, by creating an environment in which our elderly relatives feel happy in asking for help, we can not only provide them with more autonomy, which is excellent for their psychological health, but we can also minimize risk to their physical health too. This is because they will have help when they need it most and this can reduce them overextending themselves and causing injuries. Something that makes helping them ask for help a very valuable action when caring for relatives as they age.

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