I have always considered myself something of an artistic person, but a walk through a museum often leaves me feeling like I have so far to go! This drives me on to buy canvas and paints to create my own masterpieces. Below are five paintings that most inspire me. I hope that they will inspire you to put paint to canvas too.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

If I had to pick one absolute favorite painting, I would say that it is Starry Night. I’m a big fan of Van Gogh in general. It amazes me that the canvas feels as though it is moving as you follow the strokes of paint. I find something new every time I look at his paintings.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Your subject can be your most inspiring. You know their quirks and the personality and you can best make it show in your own way. Mona Lisa’s crooked smile adds mystery. I can’t really explain why it amuses me so much. I think because it feels like we are about to be let in on a little joke. I would love to create this kind of mystery on canvas.

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

This is probably one of Dali’s most recognizable paintings. This inspires me to not be afraid to express things in my own way on the canvas and to explore symbolism. Art may be crazy and surreal at first glance, but there is often meaning and purpose within each element of the painting.

Peace by Pablo Picasso

Picasso is probably most known for his cubist style of painting, but it is this simple symbol of peace that I am most drawn to. It’s truly iconic and a reminder to me that sometimes beauty and power can be found in the simplest of paintings. You needn’t cover your canvas completely to make a bold statement.


Puppies and a Tree by Xander

This relatively unknown artist is my biggest inspiration. 😉 He creates new art pieces every day. He works in multiple mediums and various canvas styles. Your own kids can be inspirational in many ways and they will also enjoy the opportunity to create with you. Not only will they inspire you, but you can inspire them to love and appreciate the beauty and joy that art… both that created by others and by yourself… can bring to your life.

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