If you’re tired of feeling creatively stifled at your current gig at the office or at home, don’t fret.

Just as the economy is friendlier than ever for those who desire to work from home, creative hobbies are becoming particularly profitable for those who understand the need for their respective creative pursuit.

Whether you’re on the hunt for some side income or want to sow the seeds of a full-blown business, keep the following five options in mind. Each of these fields is incredibly in-demand for willing to put in the work and seek out potential clients, customers, and opportunities.

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Making Music

Despite popular belief, musicianship can be a profitable venture for those who know how to market themselves and where to sell their tracks. For example, there’s a massive need for royalty-free music on YouTube; meanwhile, there are a number of marketplaces out there to sell tracks to be used for independent films, video games, and other media.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get started creating music given the free DAWs and other resources out there. From beat libraries to this ultimate list of free vocal samples, you need little more than a few ideas and a laptop to get started.

Programming and App-Building

Although some might see this as a “technical” skill, there’s certainly a creative element to being a software developer. There’s a massive need for app-builders and developers given the number of businesses out there looking to reach mobile customers. If you’ve ever developed any apps or programs in your free time, make sure to set up a portfolio on GitHub and see what sort of traction you can gain from potential programming clients.


Blogging is far from dead, especially for those with significant knowledge in the worlds of B2B and marketing. Between guest posting and SEO alone there are seemingly endless opportunities to make money blogging for those who have the writing chops. Whether it’s affiliate marketing on your own blog or becoming the designated blogger for a business, you can quickly build up a portfolio and raise your rates over time.

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Graphic Design

The explosion of social media has heralded the need for graphic designers to help create graphics and design elements for businesses to make their sites more attractive to potential customers. If you’re handy in Photoshop or Illustrator, you could very well fill the void for companies struggling to take into their creative side. Take a look at some of the marketplaces for graphic designers to understand if your design skills could translate into cash.

Voice-Over Work

Given the popularity of video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, there’s a growing demand for professional voice-overs for content such as how-to videos and reading educational scripts. If you consider yourself to have a “voice for radio” or have a decent recording setup, you could potentially score some side income via voiceover work.

On a related note, the rise of podcasting is likewise opening up opportunities for those looking to start their own businesses. If there’s a subject matter that you’re passionate about which others are hungry for, starting a podcast could be the basis for bigger and better things as you grow your audience over time.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to slave away at the keyboard or do something that bores you out of your mind. Consider just how in-demand these five creative pursuits are and how you could potentially turn them into income yourself.

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