Having a baby for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You will get a million opinions of what you need for your newborn from friends and family. And going into the baby section in Wal-Mart can be a minefield! Therefore, you need to write a list of everything you need for your baby. Of course, items like a car seat and a stroller are must-haves. But there are some other essential things you should add to the list. Here are five not-so-obvious things you might forget to buy for your new baby!


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A Temperature Gauge for Their Bedroom

It’s so important that your baby doesn’t overheat while they are asleep in their crib. It can cause them to become unwell. As well as this, it can disturb their sleeping pattern and will cause you to have many sleepless nights. Therefore, you should buy a temperature gauge for their bedroom to keep them safe and healthy (16-20 Celsius is ideal). By having a temperature gauge, you will know when you need to take action when it gets too hot. It might mean opening a window or removing a layer from their bedding. Therefore, look into buying one when you are sorting your baby’s nursery.

A Bucket Load of Wipes

You will be surprised how many baby wipes you will go through when you have a little one. Wipes are so useful when feeding and changing your baby. They are so handy to add to your changing bag so that you can ensure your baby stays nice and fresh. As this article says, you will wonder how you lived without wipes once you have a baby!

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A Newborn Hat

When it’s time to pack your hospital bag, you need to ensure you have a hat in there for your newborn. It’s a must-have for when your baby is first born to make sure they stay hot in the hospital. You can get some cute hats which you can then use for the first few months of their life. If you are strapped for cash, you can look online to find some discounts such as FirstCry coupons. That way, you can buy your baby their first outfit without breaking the bank!

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Baby Lotions

You need to be so careful when buying baby lotions for use when you are washing them in the bath. You don’t want something which will irritate their skin. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get some natural baby lotions which can be ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. Make sure you are fully stocked, so you don’t have to keep buying them once your little one arrives.

A Couple of Baby Pacifiers

A lot of people are divided on pacifiers for their little one. After all, some researchers have found that babies who use them can often have ear and teeth problems. However, there are a lot of positives of using them with your baby. For starters, it’s an excellent way to soothe a crying baby. And you might not know that it drops the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) by more than half! If you are going to use them, remember to buy a couple as you will lose them in your home!

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Also, make sure you are fully stocked in sleepers before your little one arrives!

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