5 Ways to Find More Time to #Exercise

timeforexerciseAs I have begun to refocus myself on my weight loss goals, I have found that one of my biggest challenges is finding time for fitness. Between family and my job, it is difficult to carve out time for me. I’ve done some research and compiled five of my favorite ways to find time…

Get Up Earlier

It’s such a basic idea, but it makes sense! Now, I’m not saying to cut back on your sleep… it’s essential to your overall health… but to change your sleep schedule a little. I have found that the last half hour of my day is generally wasted, so I headed to bed a half hour earlier in order to get up half an hour earlier. Now I have half an hour every morning dedicated to workout time!


There’s no denying that most of us enjoy a little time vegetating in front of the television each night. Here is a great opportunity to grab some extra activity time. During each commercial break, don’t fast forward the DVR! Use those few minutes of commercials to sneak in a few exercises. You could pace around the house for the length of the commercials. Try doing situps for the length of one commercial, pushups for the length of another, and so on. Before you know it, you’ve snuck in a whole day’s worth of fitness during commercials!

Leave the Car Keys Behind

Walking instead of driving for short trips can accumulate extra steps to your day very quickly! Think of all the short trips you take in your car… running to the grocery store for milk, picking up the kids at school, or returning your library books. These are often short trips that you can accomplish in under a few miles, plus they can get your kids involved too! For longer trips, don’t forget the old trick of parking further out in the lot. Not only do you get extra exercise, but you could save your car from bumps and dings of stray carts.

Go Social

You’re not the only one looking for more ways to carve time for exercise. Grab a friend or two and make a date of it! Organize a walk with friends and you can catch up while you slim down. Just make sure you find a healthy option if you decide to grab a bite to eat afterward.

Schedule It

If your day just doesn’t leave room for you, then schedule your workouts like an appointment. You wouldn’t miss that important meeting with an investor, right? How about making an investment in YOU!

I hope these tips help you find extra time like they helped me. What ways do you make time for exercise?

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