Retro and vintage lovers rejoice! If you’re thinking of ways to bring back the good old days into your home, then you’re in luck. Check out these handy tips.

Invest in Some Storm Windows

Storm windows are perfect for adding a nostalgic retro feel to your living room. Not only do they make a stunning statement, but they are are great for insulating in winter and cooling a room during the summer. Visit for some great options and expert advice.


Flower Power

Reusing glass and colorful plastic bottles as vases is a great way to create some vintage style decor. Add some fresh flowers from the garden for a more personal touch. Make sure to include a variety of styles, shapes, and texture to create a unique mantel shelf display.

Get Thrifty

Flea markets and secondhand stores are the best ways to discover some unique gems for the home. Things to look out for are vintage and antique mirrors and frames, record players and cabinets. You’ll be surprised at what you can find – and at bargain prices too. You could even replace your chest of drawer and door knobs with art deco vintage designs.


Repurpose Your Old Furniture

The great things about vintage design is it’s easy on the purse strings and encourages sustainability. Indulge in DIY projects and have fun giving a new lease of life to old furniture and decor. Experimenting is the key when it comes to upcycled designs. Turn old mason jars into a quirky chandelier, or turn your old vinyls into coasters. There are so many ways to get inventive, so don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to vintage interiors.

Invest in Retro Inspired Items

If flea markets aren’t your thing, there are many opportunities to buy new but vintage inspired products. Retro inspired radios like Roberts’s range are a great investment piece for any home. Now you can buy retro designed record players too, now that vinyls have made a popular comeback. For the kitchen, vintage style aprons are great for some cake baking afternoons.

Wallpaper Your Living Room

You can’t do a true retro theme without including some jazzy wallpaper. The 70s is a particularly fun era to bring back through the use of geometric shapes and ditsy florals. Wallpapering the entire room might be overdoing it, so it might be wise to just stick to having a feature wall. There are many retro prints to choose from online, so make sure you pick a print that complements your home the best . Remember to use extra care when hanging, as vintage wallpaper can be very brittle.

Take Your Vintage Theme Outdoors


Add some romantic elegance to your backyard with ethereal fairy lights, lanterns, and wire chairs. Old fashioned tin flowering cans are perfect for a spot of good old fashioned gardening. You can even create a tea party set up with a decorative flower table cloth and old fashioned fine china tea set.

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