Sometimes you just want to dance. And sometimes you just want an epic night out without, well, actually having to go out. These hotels make it easy to enjoy a top notch clubbing experience without venturing far from the comfort of your guest room. Because who needs cabs anyway?

1. The CromwellLas Vegas, NV

Narrowing down the hotel-nightclub metropolis that is Vegas to just one entry seems a crying shame, but the Cromwell earns its spot. Vegas’ first boutique hotel is located just across the Strip from its Caesar’s Palace mothership and is home to Drai’s Beach Club & Nightclub, a poolside lounge that ramps up at night into a raucous, indoor-outdoor party. Hotel guests receive two complimentary tickets per room through the Beach Club’s Priority Line, enjoy a waived entry fee at night, and can keep the party going while taking in the luscious red vibes of Drai’s After Hours lounge in the hotel’s basement.

2. Fontainebleau Miami Beach, FL

Clubbing might as well be the official local pastime in Miami, and the famous Fontainebleau hotel houses the city’s crown jewel: LIV. This two-story glory is a wonder of lasers, thumping bass and excess, with celebrity DJs and rappers performing on the regular. With “see and be seen” as its central design tenet, clubbers commonly spot celebs taking advantage of the world-class VIP skyboxes. Rubbing shoulders comes at a price—tickets or tables should be reserved in advance—but there’s something to be said for the ability to stumble back to your room after a night of dancing, shoes in hand, without needing to exit the building. Of course, those who do venture outside will find themselves in the heart of South Beach’s vibrant club scene, with many additional options at their fingertips.

3. El Hotel PachaIbiza, Spain

On an island dedicated to the art of the dance club, Pacha stands out as one of its original and most impressive institutions. Consistently ranking on lists of the best nightclubs in the world, Pacha is a gigantic space with five different rooms dedicated to different styles of music. World-renowned DJs like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Solomun cycle through regularly. Guests staying at the El Hotel Pacha next door get free club entry along with their minimalist suites, and can also peruse a “pillow menu” to ensure maximal comfort during their daytime siestas. Some of the in-suite artwork can be a bit risqué, but what else can one expect from a company with two cherries for a logo?

4. The Hollywood RooseveltHollywood, CA

Movie stars have been known to call it home, but nowadays locals and tourists alike flock to the Roosevelt for its varied nightlife options. Situated on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame in a neighborhood chockablock with clubs, bars, and iconic theatres, the Roosevelt houses four very different venues. The Tropicana, surrounding the hotel’s iconic David Hockney pool, is a glamorous daytime lounge that kicks things up a notch at night. The Spare Room on the mezzanine pairs handcrafted cocktails with board games and two vintage style bowling lanes, while the Library Bar asks patrons to trust their bartenders with bushels of fresh ingredients and Teddy’s caters to the velvet-rope clubbing set.

5. Gansevoort Meatpacking NYCNew York, NY

Its Park Ave building became (in)famous as Kim Kardashian’s home for a season of her reality show, but the upscale Gansevoort Hotel’s Meatpacking District location is where the party’s really at. Nestled near the High Line and Chelsea’s many galleries, the hotel houses the stylish Provocateur Nightclub + Café. The Night Owl package includes two VIP nightclub passes, a poolside drink, a complimentary bottle of premium liquor delivered to your room, and even discounted in-room hairstyling services to get you properly primped for your night out. The richly appointed Arthur lounge provides a quieter, yet still oh-so-classy alternative to Provocateur, but be sure to make a reservation if you plan to stop in past 10 PM.

6. The Ace Hotel London ShoreditchLondon, UK

Despite being an American hotel chain, the Ace in East London’s Shoreditch neighborhood has become a popular spot for locals, thanks in large part to its basement club, Miranda. Entry is usually free or else intentionally kept quite low, which means hotel guests need not travel far nor open their purse strings wide to get a dose of eclectic, often live music. Suites adhere to the chain’s signature hipster aesthetic, and guests can borrow custom-made Ace x tokyobike bicycles from the lobby to check out the artsy neighborhood.

This post was posted by Fiona Moriarty on Hipmunk’s Tailwind blog on June 28, 2015.

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