As a busy mom, your moments of solitude are few and far between. The bathroom is often your only escape place, and even in there the cat is probably lurking, glaring in irritation that you interrupted his privacy. So, the baths you sneak after the kids have gone to bed probably feel like winning the lottery. Maybe your significant other even tells you to go ahead and take a bubble bath, and they will take care of the dishes. Your bathroom is your sacred place, so it only makes sense to turn it into your own luxury spa. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. There are plenty of accessories on this list that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Wall Fountains – There is nothing more soothing than listening to the sound of cascading water. Wall fountains can transform any space into a tranquil oasis, and since they mount on the wall out-of-the-way, even a very small bathroom can accommodate one. Most department stores do not carry wall fountains, however websites like offer a good selection online.

Bamboo Floor Mat – Synthetic bath mats are a thing of the past. Eco-friendly bamboo or teak mats add a sophisticated touch to your space, and they don’t harbor bacteria like other mats do. They are typically comprised of slats to allow plenty of air flow.

Spa Pillow Set – A pillow, eye mask, and soft headband are essentials for a relaxing bath. Be sure to dab a little lavender oil on the pillow to really relax you.

Bathtub Caddy – The right caddy will offer the full spa experience. Umbra makes great bamboo caddies with a book prop and wine glass holder.

Deep Water Bath – Do you wish you could fill the water higher without it all going down the overflow drain? You can! A deep water bath overflow cover costs a couple bucks and covers the drain, so you can really soak.

Towel Warmer – The next time someone asks what to get you for your birthday or another holiday, tell them you want a towel warmer. For the price of a decent bottle of wine, you can have this luxury item you will never want to be without again.

Rainfall Shower Head – Splurge on a nice showerhead and every shower will invigorate you for the day. Look for one that has a rotating hydro brush and handheld shower all in one.

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