A #retro #gamenight of preschool-friendly games! A #review of Winning Moves Games! Fish Fish Squish!, Candy Land, and Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!

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Company Bio: Winning Moves is a leading maker of board games, card games, and puzzles. Since their first year of operation in 1995, they have forged a close relationship with one of the world’s largest game companies, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley. As a result, many long-lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are now made exclusively by Winning Moves!

Product Description: These are the games I had a chance to review. All are new additions to Winning Moves Games that you don’t want to miss!

  • Fish Fish Squish! – Mold your own school of dough-fish and get ready to “squish” your opponents’ fish! Every three-in-a-row with the cards earns you a squish. But, stay on your fins! Everyone else is trying to squish your fish too! Sells for $13.95.
  • Candy Land – This classic edition features the charming graphics and components from the game’s early days! Celebrating over 65 years of great family fun! Sells for $15.95.
  • Hi-Ho! Cherry-O! – A classic child’s counting game for over 50 years! Children develop and practice math skills like counting, addition and subtraction by picking fruit from their trees to fill their buckets. Ho-Ho and away we go! Sells for $16.95.

Personal Experience: I grew up in a family that loves to play games. It wasn’t just my parents and siblings… this extended well outward to aunt, uncles, and cousins. We’d regularly get together for a game night of one kind or another. In the digital age, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up this tradition with my own son. It’s made even harder when you can’t find those classic games you loved so much as a kid. This is why I am so excited to have partnered with Winning Moves Games on this review. They sent me free copies of a fun new game and two classics from my childhood in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


We had an impromptu family game night on the day our package arrived. Something about a game named Fish Fish Squish! just makes you want to play as soon as you can. The game is easy to set up. If you enjoy playing with modeling dough, then you’re off to a good start. Each player uses the included molds to craft fish in their player color. I’ll admit that our fish didn’t come out quite as neatly as in the stock photos, but they were still recognizably fish. You stand the fish on a coordinating pond card and begin play. The game concept is pretty simple. You lay out a series of cards with fish one of three colors of fish on them. Players take turns turning over the fish cards. If you reveal a pattern of one of each of the three colored fish in a row in any direction, you get to squish an opponent’s fish. Squishing the fish was so oddly satisfying. 

You add more cards as needed until one player is left with at least one fish. The game gets a bit trickier as you have more and more fish cards overturned, because you need to be checking multiple directions to see if you have a line of three. This is part of what made the game fun for my husband and I to play with Xander. Meanwhile, Xander had some extra practice in finding patterns… and he had a blast squishing our fish. He even won several (okay… okay… he won most ) of the games we played. It’s definitely a game I can’t wait to play with others.

Most of you are probably already really familiar with the other two games that we received, so I’ll explore the quality more than the game play. Candy Land was a favorite of mine as a kid and my husband insisted that we get Hi-Ho! Cherry-O! because he had really enjoyed it as a kid.


Since Candy Land was redesigned, I’ve been on the hunt for a copy with the classic designs. The newer version just doesn’t seem as unisex as the original and the graphics were not really my taste… but this reboot of the classic is just right! The board and cards are sturdier than I’ve found in recent versions of the game. I was also happy to see the original plastic colored gingerbread men moving pieces. They’re nice stable versions that were mostly able to stay standing when the board got moved around. All around it is a solid version with graphics that will take you back to preschool days and hold up well through your own child’s preschool days. 


Hi-Ho! Cherry-O! has always been a great game for teaching counting skills and I knew it would be put to good use in our home. The version my husband and I both recalled playing as a kid had a cardboard gameboard with holes in it for the cherries , so I was quite impressed with the molded plastic tree forms on this version. It is so much more sturdy than the classic version, but with all of the same appeal.

I’m overall really impressed with Winning Moves Games. They’ve created some really fun and well-made games and at prices that are comparable to what you find in big box stores. I highly recommend them. Be sure to check out the specials for a chance to grab awesome games at great prices!

Pros: Great selection of classics and new games! Quality versions of popular games. Competitive pricing.

Cons: I honestly don’t have one, other than wanting them to bring back even more classics!

Overall Rating


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