I was contacted by MIU COLOR with the opportunity to try out their Swiss-designed Handmade Crystal Glass Water Bottle. I received the version that includes a black nylon sleeve and tea infuser in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. You can also get the bottle without the tea infuser in your choice of black or grey nylon sleeve.


From the moment I opened the package, I was impressed. The bottle is undeniably stylish and sleek. The combination of glass, stainless steel, and black is definitely classic and yet modern. The cap is smoothly curved and fits the palm of your hand very nicely. The bottle is sized for a comfortable fit in your hand… both myself and my husband found it suited us well. The stainless steel base widens just slightly for a solid, stable base. The mesh tea infuser insert is one of the finest gauge I’ve seen. First impressions definitely had us off to a good start.

The infuser worked wonderfully on even the finest loose leaf teas. I had very little that made it through the mesh. It was a similar experience to the fine mesh infuser ball that I would typically use, but less got through… definitely the best experience I’ve had with an infuser. The only tricky part was determining how much loose leaf tea to use to get my preferred taste. I also tested it with fruits with great results. The only thing I would recommend is shifting the bottle around at least once during the time it is steeping to allow air bubbles to escape the infuser and better distribute the tea or fruit juices.


By removing the rubber gasket from the tea infuser basket and replacing it at the bottom, I was able to convert the bottle to a nice basic water bottle. Don’t use it without this gasket or you will have a very leaky bottle! One cool feature is great for those of us with traditional large ice cubes. You can cover the bottle, tip it over, unscrew the bottom, and then place your ice cubes in the bottle.

The bottle lip is comfortable to drink from. It is wide enough to be less likely to chip, but narrow enough (with a slight curvature) to fit comfortably on your lip.

I did notice a slight off taste to the water… perhaps best described as plastic-like… if I left water sitting in it for an hour or so, but this only happened when the water got low and was left to get warm while I was busy. I believe the cause was the rubber gasket at the bottom of the bottle.

I found the bottle a bit warm to the touch if I got the tea extra-hot, but nothing that was uncomfortable to hold. It would actually be quite comforting on cold days. The nylon sleeve gave a little extra insulation against this heat. It also kept the tea hotter for a bit longer and offered stylish protection for the bottle.

Overall, the problems are very slight and I love this bottle. I would definitely recommend! I even want to get a second one, because it would be nice to have an alternate and then I don’t have to fight over it when my husband wants to use it! 

Pros: Sleek, stylish, and solid design. Great tea infuser. Excellent for almost any beverage on the go. Comes with cleaning brushes.

Cons: Rubber gasket seemed to add unpleasant taste to plain water if it sat too long.

Overall Rating


MIU COLOR, a brand created by the “slow timing” idea, pursues a life which is pure, simple, comfortable and environmentally friendly. MIU COLOR leads you to a life where you can find the beauty in fast paced daily life. Our products ranges from home, travel, to clothing. MIU COLOR provides a relaxing and harmonious, natural enjoyment for the fans of “slow timing “, helps them to enjoy the sun, air, water, exercise when using our products.

MIU COLOR® Stylish Portable Handmade Crystal Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Sleeve is made of healthy and environmental material. Made of high borosilicate glass (also known as hard glass). The grade of the glass is oak crystal, which are lead free, low inflation, high heat resistant, high strength, hardness and high chemical stability. No worry of BPA or plastic. Unique Elegant Cool Design: This bottle was designed in Switzerland. The design of the bottleneck was designed with two-layer stainless steel and considering both sturdy and the comfort of human lips. Nylon cover is high quality and has a zipper in the back, which makes it easy to put the bottle in and out. The cover is also heat resistant, which makes the bottle easy to hold, and it fits most standard car cup holders. ($40.99 ; Buy on Amazon for $36.99)

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