Frux reached out to me with the opportunity to review their Flameless Tea Light set in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. The set of 24 flameless LED candles also comes with decorative wraps. The tea lights and wraps came individually wrapped in a nice box.


I wouldn’t typically have used all 24 at once, but you all know I like to test things the best way possible. This house was lit up with tea lights… my husband thought I was trying to get romantic with him every night! The tea lights have a flicker effect to mimic real candles. I found the effect was ruined a bit if the candles were left bare, but when placed in a votive or wrap they looked very realistic. There doesn’t seem to be a specific flicker pattern… it appears as random as a real candle. I found the “flame” was nice and bright.

Decorating with them is even easier than with real tea lights. There’s none of the worry of our son or cats knocking a flaming candle from a shelf or mantle. It turned out to be the perfect solution for bringing soft light to the bedroom. (There I go with the romance again!) I was able to line them across our headboard… something I would have never tried with real candles. The wraps made it instantly pretty without spending a small fortune on little votive holders for the project. I wish we’d had these for decorating at our wedding, because a lot of the real candles burned out before the evening was even over.


We even had some fun with them and my son uses them in the “cave” under our son’s loft bed. He gets the effect of a flickering campfire in a safe to use flameless candle. One even stood in as a nightlight when the bulb on his usual nightlight burnt out and we discovered we didn’t have a spare. Yay for Frux saving the day! 

These will be great to have on hand for emergencies too. They let off enough light that a grouping of them would provide sufficient light to get through a power outage. Even our four year old could carry one on a trip to the bathroom without worry of burns.

Two of the candles in the set did not work properly for me. One worked for a day and now it won’t stay on. The other will light if I hold the switch in the “on” position. I was a bit disappointed that some didn’t work, but I had 22 others that did.

I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the wraps. They look more like a metallic material in the product photos and I expected something more heavy plastic-like, but they are actually a heavyweight paper. This wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but you need to get to the bottom of the candles to turn them on. In the process, I wrinkled and ripped several of the wraps. These wraps are just a bonus, so I didn’t let them have much effect on my overall rating.

Overall, this is a solid flameless candle product. I have used most of them for at least 8 hours each and only had issue with the two mentioned above. They are a great value for the set. You can buy them on Amazon in 48, 72, and 96-count packages to save even more. They are great for decorative and emergency lighting purposes. They would be pretty and practical for weddings and evening parties. The only limit is your imagination!

Pros: Bright LED flickering bulbs add realism. Generous set of 24. Included decorative wraps. Flameless, so it’s safe anywhere. Battery-operated… and included.

Cons: Two in the set didn’t work properly. Wraps are cheaply made.

Overall Rating


Frux Home and Yard™ focuses on providing high quality, unique, functional and decorative items for your home and yard.

Create instant ambiance, with the warmth of flameless, dripless, smokeless, battery-powered candles. A no heat candle that is safe around children and pets. They are excellent for use with kids crafts and as a night light. A must have for use with boats and recreational vehicles (RV’s) as most insurance companies prohibit the use of real candles inside these vehicles. They are safe to use at venues and events which do not allow real candles. Our LED Tea Lights are perfect for tents, sleepovers, candle lit dinners, lighting under plants or any other heat sensitive items; weddings, parties, gardens, patios, decks, restaurants, paper luminary bags and lanterns, kids projects, mantles, centerpieces, displays, the list is limited only by your imagination! ($34.99; Buy on Amazon for $19.97)

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