our-wedding-dayMy name is Tonya and I began a blog back in August of 2006. At that time it was just a place to write about my day and sort out my thoughts. It truly was just a journal. My first post talks about how happy I was to be single and child free… my how times have changed!

I have now been married to my amazing husband for over five years. We bought our house together almost ten years ago and quickly set to work making it ours. I’ve been thrilled to share the ups and downs of wedding planning and house renovating, the joys and trials of two pregnancies, the growing up of our now six year old
xander2016son Xander, and the comings and goings of our cats Pandora and Selune. We even hope to add a puppy to the craziness soon!

My blog has always been honest and in the moment. There are times that I have written things that have been harsh, mean, and difficult to look back on. I have had people suggest that I erase these posts now that the moments have passed, but I leave them there as a reminder that life goes on and feelings change. I will always live in the moment but remember my past… and I feel my blog represents that.

As my life evolved, so has the blog. Over time it has changed (both in style and name) to become a place to share my numerous knitting projects, struggles with weight loss, handy household tips, fun giveaways, and honest product reviews filled with my weird humor. My daily life is still interwoven within the posts, but it is not always the main focus.


I hope that you will feel free to share your own stories and insights by commenting throughout these pages. I am also PR-friendly and open to being contacted about your product or services for review.

If you ever have any comments or questions for me, please feel free to email me at tonya@tyrneathem.com!

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