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Advertising Options

Gold Banner Ad ~ A 225×225 ad placed in the upper sidebar. Visible from every page. Limit 1 advertiser per quarter. $40 for 3 months.

Silver Banner Ad ~ A 225×225 ad placed in the lower sidebar.  Visible from every page. Limit 2 advertisers per quarter. $30 for 3 months.

Bronze Banner Ad ~ A 728×90 ad placed on a category page. Limit 1 advertiser per quarter per category. $20 for 3 months.

I have a few minor requirements for reviews. These terms can be negotiated. In order to review products for a company, the total value of the item(s) should exceed $50. Shipping must be covered by the company requesting the review. With products valued under $50, there will be a fee in addition to the product, for completing the review. (Some exceptions may occur, please contact me.)

Only full-size, new products will be accepted for review… I do not review samples or used items. In either case, the products become my property and will not be returned. They are considered all or part of the compensation for my time and advertising of your product.

I always appreciate it when companies also offer a product giveaway for my readers… they are why I do this!

You can see examples of my reviews over here.

For giveaways, I will always host the giveaway solely on my blog unless provided compensation for the time to organize a larger group event. This involves enlisting the help of other bloggers for promotion. (Please contact me for information on pricing for this type of event. Price will vary with prize value, size of event needed, and multiple other factors.)

All of my giveaways are promoted at least every other day on Facebook and Twitter. Each giveaway is also pinned to my Giveaways board on Pinterest. Giveaway posts are also re-posted once weekly.

All giveaway items must be brand new and in original packaging. For liability reasons, I always ask that any giveaway prizes are shipped by the sponsor directly to the giveaway winner(s).

Under no circumstance will I share the personal information (including email addresses) of all giveaway entrants. The winner’s information will be provided when necessary.

If you are not interested in doing a review or giveaway, but would like to get the word out about your company, a sponsored post is a great opportunity. This can be a post detailing your company or product. It can also be a post written on a topic related to your product with your chosen link included within. I charge $25 for posting a sponsored post that has been pre-written by you. If it will fall on me to write the content of the post, I require $50 and up. 

All sponsored posts will be a minimum of 300 words. The post will include keywords and links provided by you. Images can be provided by you or I will find images that compliment the post. Both options include sharing on multiple social networks. The post will remain on the site for one year. You can extend this length at an additional cost.

Quick Stats

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I get an average of 3500 unique visitors per month. Tyrneathem experienced a slump during some site issues, but new hosting and a better site design have the site recovering quickly.

You can learn a bit more about me and my family by heading over here.


I have approximately 11,500 loyal followers on Facebook. I am constantly researching to keep ahead of the Facebook game and make sure my post reach the largest audience possible.


I am very close to 11,000 followers on Twitter. I aim to keep ahead of the current trends in hashtags.


I have over 3500 awesome pinners sharing our Pinterest content. I have begun to put a stronger focus on creating “pinnable” photographs and content.


I have almost 2,000 followers on my Google Plus profile. I am actively involved with a variety of groups that help me to reach an even greater audience of potential customers.


I have nearly 750 fans browsing my snapshots on Instagram. This account is one where I find I get the greatest engagement. Pictures really do speak 1000 words!


Nearly 200 subscribers are watching my video reviews on YouTube. I show products in action and add in fun personal content to keep everyone entertained!

Disclosure Terms for All Sponsored Postings

I MUST fully disclose sponsored posts in accordance with FTC rules. No exceptions! Links to sponsors and advertisers will always be no-follow in accordance with Google guidelines. Sorry, but I will not provide any services for “adult” or gaming sites. They have a time and a place… just not here. I accept PayPal or Amazon gift codes as payment. I require at least half of the payment before publishing.

If you have any questions about my policies, I will do my best to answer them for you. Please use the contact form for questions or if you are interested in one of the above services. Thank you!

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