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Product Details: Restore muscle fitness, trim, and tone with the Your Weigh wrist-ankle weights workout equipment providing resistance, and burning more calories during exercise resulting in accelerated weight loss and increased muscle tone. These 1lb. weights are a comfortable fit with adjustable Velcro enclosures surrounding a stretchable neoprene band allowing for a secure cushion for you wrist or ankle protecting against any muscle strain. Makes a wonderful gift for the weight and/or muscle fitness conscious friends and family in your life. Be a positive influence for a healthy lifestyle!

MSRP: $35.95 per pair (Currently on sale for $23.99 on Amazon.)

Personal Experience: My immediate impressions of the Your Weigh weights were very positive. The weights are well made and sleek. They fit closely to the wrist without adding a lot of extra bulk. It is obvious that they care about making a product that will last, including durable material and tight stitching. There is definitely some great quality control, because the two weights were indistinguishable from each other… not even a stitch out of place. I also like that the strap to attach them to your wrist Velcros right to itself so that the weights can lie flat and be stored easily. All around, some great thought to the design.


My initial reactions to these weights were positive and I still largely remain so. There are just a few issues that cropped up that forced me to give this a middle ground on my star ratings. I have slightly larger wrists. This has been something that affected me even when my weight was “normal,” so I’m used to it, but I expected a little more give in a weight loss/ fitness product and I was disappointed. There is plenty of Velcro for small wrists, but it just barely catches around my wrists. One of the weights stayed okay, but the other kept losing the Velcro connection if I moved too much. It got to be annoying to keep reattaching it… and painful if I tightened it enough to hold properly. As you can see in the collage below, the weights actually fit the wrist of my 4-year-old son (just over 5-inches) better than they fit me (just shy of 7 inches). I think a 5 to 6-inch wrist would fit these best.


Despite the problems, I still use them daily. They have been fantastic for adding arm workouts to my daily time on the stationary bike. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that I can take them on my walks. I just wish the one weight would stay better. A longer strap would make them both more comfortable and accepting of a wider range of wrist sizes.

I received the product free of charge in exchange for my opinion, but I will be honest and say that I would never have paid over $35 for this set. I’ve used similar products of nearly the same quality for less than half the cost. I was quite shocked at what these are going for. The current sale price of around $24 is more reasonable and a bit closer to what I would feel comfortable paying.

Overall, a well-made product with a few hiccups and a pricing issue. If you have large wrists, you will probably be more comfortable looking elsewhere. I honestly hope that Your Weigh makes a “plus-size” version, because that would solve the problems I had here.

Pros: Comfortable material. Easy way to add extra resistance to workouts and everyday activities. Feminine yet durable styling in both black and pink.

Cons: Wildly overpriced. Too small for larger wrists. Velcro slipped on one of the pair.

Overall Rating


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