I love the festive period! It’s so nice to be able to head out to the stores and find the perfect gift for my family and friends. I really enjoy being generous at this time of year. As you know, I usually put together a gift guide, so this one is going to fit right in. I’ve been looking at gifts you can wear for this season. Here are my top 5 wearable gifts for the 2015 holidays:

Watches – My family love watches so anything stylish like the Shinola watches could be ideal. Having a wide choice of colors helps too. I prefer the look of a real watch to the appearance of a fit band or smartwatch. They may be great for keeping track of your activities, but they don’t look quite so good with your favorite holiday outfit. Many of them are quite tricky to figure out the time on too. If you’re looking for a good gift idea, then a stylish watch should definitely be considered.

Jumpers – Knitwear is everywhere this year! And I love how festive it all looks. There are reindeer and Santas and snowmen on everything. They’re extra cute because they look like they’re hand made. Anything that looks good and keeps you warm has to be a good gift choice at this time of year. If you’re looking for something a little less festive, you can find some gorgeous wooly shawls in the stores right now. Long, wrap styles look and feel really cozy.


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Hat, Scarf, and Gloves – The department stores have outdone themselves this year. There are so many gorgeous matching sets. You can find them beautifully boxed ready to be put under the tree too. Choose the style that suits you best. You can choose chic and elegant, or cute and fun. Pinks and grays seem to be the most popular choices in color this year. I’m rather partial to the gray myself! I would definitely love a cute beret set with leather gloves.


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Accessories – With the changing season comes a change in color in fashion. The cherry reds of autumn are making way for plums, pinks, and grays. I love beaded accessories. I like the necklaces with the chunky wooden beads in different shapes. They look so elegant and stylish. For my girlfriends, accessories are the best gift choice. Bracelet and necklace sets can enhance any outfit for the fashion conscious woman.


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Novelty Slippers – Every year someone in the family gets a brand new pair of novelty slippers. They may be giant monster feet or big bear claws. Someone got the fluffy bunny slippers one year. This year I want to keep it Christmas themed. I can’t decide between the reindeer with the light-up nose or the Santa slippers. They’re completely impractical for getting up and down stairs, but boy are they comfy and cozy!

Hopefully, my top five gift ideas will inspire some perfect gifts for your holiday shopping spree this year. Gifts that you can wear are always good fun to buy. Best of all, they’re practical too! Keep warm this winter.

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