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bybightlogoCompany Bio: Have you still been troubled by the environmental pollution caused by discarded fluorescentlamp tubes? Have you frequently complained the short service life of fluorescent light? Now Byblight LED lightings can help you solve these troublesome. LED light is the result of the third illuminant technique revolution, which developed from the incandescent light and fluorescentlamp. Compared with the first two generations, LED lights features saving-energy, ECO-friendly, longevity. BYB is a global leading retailer of LED lighting products, providing various LED lights for customer to light up the life in easier and simpler.

Product Details: The BYB LED Flashlight allows the users to adjust the light output to optimal beam for outside use with an optional button of 3 modes -high , low and strobe. The size is not big and you can put it in your pocket when you’re going outside. The feature of battery-operated power makes it portable and convenient to use. Just using 1 pc 18650 rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries, it will bring a super brightness light to you. It’s simple to operate, just push the tail to turn on, turn off and focus the beam by twisting the head.

MSRP: $45.99 list. Currently selling on Amazon for $15.99.

Use coupon code M8AFRTGN at checkout on Amazon and get the set for just $9.99! Expires May 31, 2015.

Personal Experience: BYB reached out to me to review their handy LED flashlight set. (Be sure to aso see my review of their clip-on light.) Flashlights are one of those items I know we should keep on hand, but they have a way of never being handy when you need them. A set of four in a size that’s easy to stash anywhere definitely increases the odds I’ll have when where I need it. I was also really attracted to the idea that you can use two different types of batteries with them. I’m more likely to have what I need on hand.

At first sight, I was surprised by how small they were. As someone that has had many miniature flashlights, I was initially quite doubtful that a flashlight that small would ever have the output I’d need in an emergency. I was to be proven wrong the moment I turned it on. I could actually see the beam of light on a wall already lit by a sunny day. Color me impressed.  By twisting the top or moving it up and down, we were able to adjust the beam to different amounts of coverage from a wide bright beam to a very concentrated spot of very bright light. It was easy enough to do that my four year old could make the adjustments.


The next feature we explored was kind of found by accident. I had missed the part about the different modes when I read the description on Amazon. The first time you click the flashlight, it is a standard bright beam. If you click again, you get a duller beam. One more click and it strobes. All three of these modes can be combined with the beam adjustments above to create endless variations of light for just about any need you have. I tried to take a video showcasing the variations, but it only really showed the brightest settings. I will update with a video once I get one that looks right.

The size I mentioned above is a big advantage. It makes these flashlights easy to store in places where you might need a flashlight in a flash.  They are sized right for the glove compartment, nightstand, and your emergency preparedness kit. They come with a strap that you can attach that would enable you to hang them on a hook near a basement staircase or in a closet. They are also wider around than a typical miniature flashlight, which makes them more comfortable in your hand.

I was a little disappointed with the need for three AAA batteries. I’m less likely to have them on hand… especially three of them. The upside is that LED is very easy on batteries. My son was fascinated with the strobe, so he kept playing with one of the flashlights. It was on for hours a day for over a week and is still shining bright. Though I didn’t test them, I do like that it is also compatible with a single 18650 rechargeable battery. The batteries are inexpensive and I prefer to use rechargeables when I can.

Pros: Bright, adjustable beam that can be widened and focused. Three settings including strobe. Can use two different types of batteries to run. Sturdy metal construction.

Cons: Takes three AAA batteries to run each flashlight.

Overall Rating


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  1. Thanks for your hands-on review. The BYB LED flashlight has the features that are more than adequate for home use. You could place each of the four flashlights at strategic points around the home in preparation for emergency use.


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