Whenever your teens are going out, whether it is a hangout, soccer practice, short trip or just the school, you get a tense feeling in the pit of your stomach. You might not show it because you have to let them grow and too many questions annoy them, but you do get worried about their safety when they step outside the house.

Well, all parents do, so you are not alone. The thoughts of them meeting an accident or a stranger and exploring abandoned places cross every parent’s mind. Teens are zealous and adventurous, they like to explore new places and take risks. When they get together they challenge each other to new and dangerous things that might involve going to a prohibited place, bunking school or even sneaking out at night.

Have you ever wished that you had something that could keep you updated about them all the time and that too without being nosy? Well, thanks to technology that it can actually happen with the help of FamilyTime parental control app.


With its family locating and monitoring services, you can stay aware of your kids’ whereabouts all the time. After an easy installation and initial setting up, all you have to do is check the app reports and know where your kids are. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? See all the features in detail below:

GPS Tracking

It gives you a continuous account of their whereabouts. You can view their location history anytime and know what they have been up to. It is great for catching any irregular activity or going to a place that is potentially risky.


You can create virtual fences around places and get updates in the form of check-ins and checkouts. Mark the unsafe places around your area and the places they go to daily, like school, a friend’s place or after school practice, and get notified without having to call or text them.

SOS Message

The kids can send you a message in an emergency. You will be alerted with a message and location so that you can reach your kids immediately.


Sometimes it happens that parents need a reminder or kids need an urgent pickup from some place. In that case, they can send you a memo with location details and tell you where to find them.

Over Speeding

Teens often go overboard while driving. That is certainly dangerous for them, but you can counter this by setting a speed limit. If they go above that speed, you would be notified.

Other than that you can monitor their text messages and call logs to know about any suspicious plans, manage screen time and mobile apps.

So the next time you feel that tense flutter while sending your kids out of the house, just remember that you can ease your worries with FamilyTime parental control app. It keeps you updated whether you’re at home or work and lets you protect them as well.

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