Family vacations when you have kids can be more stressful than they are relaxing all too often. A lot of family-friendly trips tend to focus on running around the whole time you’re away and packing as much as you can into the duration of your trip. Everything you do with kids tends to be ten times harder and more exhausting than it would be otherwise, and even simple logistics that come with planning a family trip can get complicated pretty quickly.

At the end of the day, you spend a ton of money on most family trips, and you feel like you rushed around so much that the whole thing is a blur.

I’m trying to move myself away from trips like that, and more in the direction of savoring family vacations and making memories with my kids at a slower pace. I’ve been working on planning an RV trip for my family, and when I started my research, I was surprised to see how many options there are just regarding renting the vehicle. Like the peer-to-peer RV rental site Outdoorsy highlights, RV interiors aren’t what they used to be. They’re a lot more luxurious and perfect for a family vacation that’s actually relaxing.


The following are some of the road trip routes I’m considering for my family’s next trip.

New England

I’ve never really been to New England beyond a trip to Rhode Island, and I love the concept of making a road trip in the area. You can start in upstate New York and from there head northward. Some of the iconic spots to visit during a New England Road trip include Acadia National Park in Maine, Boston and Cape Code, and Mystic Seaport in Connecticut, among others.


Of all the great American road trips that families tend to be drawn to, nothing seems better than the cost of California. Coastal California is all at one time rugged and naturally beautiful while being luxurious if you want it to be. Some of the must-stops along the California Coast would include San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, and Malibu.

All of these stops are found along the awe-inspiring Pacific Coasts Highway.

Overseas Highway Florida

Another must-do family road trip is the Overseas Highway or Route 1 in Florida. You would start in Key Largo theoretically, or maybe Miami if you prefer, and then travel along the Keys. From Key Largo, you would likely to go to Islamorada, and then continue on crossing the 7-Mile Bridge.

You could end your Florida Keys road trip in the always fun and festive Key West.

State Highway 14

Finally, for something not coastal but no less beautiful another family road trip option to consider is going along State Highway 14 including New Mexico through Santa Fe and then to the Turquoise Trail. This is a short drive, and there are plenty of other desert and southwest road trips, but this one is spectacular.

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