I know that many people create Sim-selves when they play the Sims, but this is actually not usually something I like to do. It’s weird to me. 😛 It was while playing the game with my son Xander that he asked if we could make our family as Sims. It was a fun afternoon full of laughter that resulted in the Bang family. To make it interesting, I added us to my legacy family’s world. I never counted on them being anything more than passers-by…

The story of Caty Ambrose and Xander Bang began when they were children. On a particularly bad day for Caty, she ran into a shy little boy named Xander. They were instant friends! They shared a creative streak and so it was natural that they would be partners for a big science fair project.

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Both of their families were so natural together that it’s no surprise that they all stayed friends well into their teen years. Xander was Caty’s biggest support after the tragic death of her parents. Her sister Amber was not really equipped for a life of raising her younger sister, so she was often off partying and working on her career as a personal trainer. It was Xander that was always there. It was this sensitive and caring side of Xander that let Caty know he was The One.

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When Caty became an adult, her budding interest in music grew into a full-blown desire to become a rock star. She was constantly evolving during this time to find the right look. Meanwhile, Xander pursued his interests in a culinary career. Caty knew she could always come home from a gig to enjoy an amazing gourmet meal.

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A surprise pregnancy put Caty’s dreams on hold. Xander and Caty decided to elope and then move out of the city. They bought a cute little cottage on an island and started family life. They just didn’t count on two becoming FOUR!

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Yep, that’s right! Caty and Xander had twins! Cara and Finley would keep their exhausted parents very busy in the coming years. Learn more when our Sim Stories continue…


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