{Bloggers Wanted} Birthdayversary Giveaway Event (Begins July 1)

birthdayversarypartyBirthdayversary Giveaway Event ~ Blogger Sign-Ups!

Hosted by: Tyrneathem

Sponsored by: Zymbol, Maggie Bags, Newman’s Own, Zipz Shoes, Your Novel, JORD Watches, Hapari Swimwear, Libre Tea Glasses, Zoey’s Attic, Orb Factory, Glass Dharma, and More!

Prizes: Packages will depend on the final sponsor participation, but each will be worth at least $200.

Dates: July 1 to 15 2014

Eligibility: Continental US residents age 18+ only

July brings the dual events of our 5th wedding anniversary and my birthday. I thought it would be fun to throw a party! Favorite sponsors from the past and new connections have joined together to give my awesome readers some amazing gifts. Won’t you help me spread the cheer?

Sign-ups close June 26th!

Click here for more info & to sign up!


To My Readers

This is not yet a live giveaway, but come back July 1st for your chance to win!

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