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Product Details: Are you an athlete? Are you a boxer? Or does your fitness program involve some endurance training? Using a jump rope is one of the most effective ways of exercise, both for serious athletes and regular work-out enthusiasts. Perfect for busy people that want to be more fit, beginner enthusiasts, WOD’s, Cross Fitness Training, Boxing, MMA Training and much more! With ball bearings meant to increase the number of revolutions per minute, this is the ideal rope if you need to achieve double and triple unders, as well as best PRs in your workout.

MSRP: $29.99 (Selling on Amazon for $15.99 at the time I am writing this post.)

Personal Experience: There has definitely been a major focus for me on finding the tools to get fit this year. One thing I have always enjoyed is jumping rope. I know it is a great source of fun cardio and a wonderful way to build endurance. With this in mind, I reached out to Naturalico to review their speed cable jump rope. I received the jump rope for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I was immediately surprised by how lightweight the rope is. Even with two solid handles, metal ball bearings, and a generous length of wire cable it is light as a feather. It tucks away into a small carrying case, making this the ultimate travel workout tool that can easily find a place in your luggage, backpack, or bag.


I’m not quite up to the standards of “serious athlete” just yet, but this rope is making me feel more like a pro with each passing day. It’s all the fun of jump roping from when I was a kid, but with a grownup style rope. I don’t have near the endurance that I had as a kid, but I am slowly building myself up. I currently aim to do 100 jumps per day, but they are spread through my day. I look forward to the day can do all 100 at once! I have every reason to believe that this rope is strong enough to see me all the way to that goal and on to bigger better goals.

The rope can be very easily adjusted to suit different heights. The only downside is that you need to hold the excess rope in your hands or cut the cable. It’s strong wire cable, so you will need a wire cutter. The cord has rubber tips that can be removed and re-placed on to the cut ends. I don’t personally want to cut it, because I want the rope to remain adjustable so that my husband, son, and myself all have the option to use it. We are all such different heights and Xander is still growing. I suppose we could also just buy separate ropes for each of us (really is a steal at current price of $15.99), but it is so durable that I am confident that it will last for quite some time even with all three of us using the one.

I think, if anything, it will be the plastic handles that give out first. They are a solid and strong plastic, but definitely the weak point in the overall design. I see no reason why they wouldn’t survive years of normal use, though.

I love how smoothly it moves. The metal ball bearings allow the rope to turn easily no matter what speed I am jumping at. It never tangles or twists. It’s just simply a very well-designed jump rope that I think every fitness-minded individual or family should have in their arsenal of fat blasting tools!

Pros: Lightweight, sturdy cable. Fast metal ball bearing construction. Doesn’t tangle. Small, lays flat, and easy to take along anywhere in the included pouch. Adjustable length.

Cons: Need to hold excess rope in my hands or cut the rope.

Overall Rating


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