When it is cold outside, we all feel better when looking at summer vacations or an Easter break in the sunshine. If you still have your wardrobe full of winter jumpers and cardigans, it might be a challenge to see clearly about what you have and what you need to buy. To get you prepared on time and save money on your vacation shopping, you will need to purchase the items for your getaway when the prices are low. Below you will find a list of essential items so you can start packing your bags early.

1. Bikinis and Swimming Suits

If you want to buy your new bikinis and swimming suits in the middle of the summer, you will have to pay higher prices. To cheer you up in the winter, you can visit your local outlet or warehouse discount store, so you can save money on the latest models that are not in demand yet. If you are crafty, you might want to start crocheting your own swimsuits so you can express your personality and get in the mood on cold winter nights.

2. Summer Scarves

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One of the most versatile items you can take on your vacation is a large lightweight scarf. You can use it as a body wrap, a skirt, a headband, or a shoulder shawl on the winter. The good news is that they don’t take up much space in your luggage, so you can start a collection in the winter, and take them all to look unique every day while you are enjoying your vacation in the sun. You can start buying your colorful summer scarves with your location and favorite colors in mind. The good news is that you can use them in the winter and use a colorful scarf at home during the spring.

3. Dry Bags

There is nothing worse than forgetting your dry bags when going on a beach holiday. Whether you are booking a spa break of an adventure summer beach vacation, you will need to have your dry bags handy. Get them as soon as you can, and prepare your beach bag ready to go on the top of your suitcase.

4. Sandals

Buying sandals in the summer and the spring can be more expensive. It is recommended that you get some comfortable sandals that you only use for your vacations. This will help you plan your summer wardrobe better, and you can avoid wearing out your shoes before you could use them on the beach and in the hotel when enjoying your summer vacation.

5. Flip Flops

Every summer vacation wardrobe should include flip-flops. Whether you are going for slippers you can wear by the pool, on the beach, and in your hotel room, or want a separate one for the spa and to go for a swim outdoors. Your flip-flops need to have a good grip and be comfortable, as well as waterproof and washable.

6. Summer Dresses

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No summer wardrobe is more important for your vacation than a summer dress you can wear walking around the beach, putting on when going for lunch, and enjoying the sunshine. You will need to start shopping for summer dresses as soon as possible, so you can design your vacation wardrobe. To find a perfect sundress that is comfortable and looks stunning on you, look out for this year’s color and style trends. You can get inspiration from blogs and Instagram posts, and choose 2-3 dresses to keep you company and help you express your personality.

7. Sunhat

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To compliment your summer dresses and your stunning sandals, you will also need to get a sunhat that you can wear when out and about. There are different styles of sun hats that will help you make a statement. Choose a floppy and striped hat to go with a romantic long dress that you wear on the beach. Get a straw hat with hot pink rims to express your femininity. Sunhats can also be combined with scarves and ties, to make them look unique for every occasion and save space in your bags.

8. Beach Towels

You cannot go on a summer break without the right beach towel. You will need to choose a material that dries quickly and soaks in the most water. Check the reviews of the product before you buy, and try to get a straw mat fit in your luggage, so you can protect the color of your beach towel when sitting on the wet sand. Get one that is easy to spot on the crowded beach and one that suits your personal style.

9. Diving Kit

Once you are on the beach, you might want to enjoy diving and exploring underwater worlds. Instead of paying a lot of money for renting a snorkeling kit, you can buy your own equipment back at home and take it with you. This will help you make the most out of your vacation, and prevent you looking your worst in the diving kit provided by the school.

10. Sunglasses

Nobody goes on vacation without sunglasses. If you live in a cold climate, and your sky is generally covered by clouds, your eyes might start hurting of the light in the first few minutes. Make sure that you allow yourself enough time to choose the style that is going to be the winner this season, and check out the scratch protection and UV protection levels before you invest in a nice pair of sunglasses.

While it might seem too early to start packing for your summer vacation, the sooner you begin planning the better you can spread the cost of your holiday wardrobe. Plan your style and choose dresses based on your choice of sandals, flip flops, sun hats, and sunglasses. Buy a few stylish floral scarves to turn them into a beach dress or a skirt, or change the look of your outfit instantly. Get your vacation bag ready, and put everything in your beach basket, so you will spend less time packing and more time enjoying the sun in the summer.

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