woman-sick-blowing-noseI don’t know what is going on with my immune system this year, but I can’t seem to catch a break. I’ve been pushing the Vitamin C and trying to keep up on my fitness routine to build my immune system back up, but I seem to catch everything everyone has. I swear Selune (our cat) was the first to show symptoms. Now we’re all sick, but I seem to have been hit the hardest. This latest bug has gone straight to my head. I feel like it weighs a thousand pounds, which does not work so well with the working out plan. Blah. I’ve been trying to keep up a gentle workout schedule including short times on the bike and yoga, so that I don’t get back out of the habit.

I received some assorted Simply Earth essential oils to review. I’m still new to the whole essential oils thing, but this has been a good opportunity to put some to the test. I’ve been using the tea tree oil during the day and tea tree with lavender at night. When diffused, it’s supposed to help clear the air and may relieve congestion. I have to say that I definitely notice a difference when it’s running… I can almost breathe through my nose. I can actually tell when the diffuser has turned off, because my nose starts to clog up again. It would be funny if it wasn’t so miserable. 😛

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