It feels like it has been so long since I wrote a journal-ly post about my “real life.”

The last several months have been relatively drama-free. There was some ruckus around Christmastime, but that is pretty much a given these days. Every year is the same story… Mom wants to see the grandkids, grandkids have plans with “cooler and richer” grandparents, Mom gets pushed aside, Mom gets pissy and says something, and all hell breaks loose.

I do sympathize with her because I think she gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to my nieces. My sister is out of our lives and we depend on their dad to bring them around. They rarely make the effort to see us… unless of course a birthday or the holidays are approaching.


It really wasn’t a smart move, but out of anger and frustration, Mom had canceled Christmas at her house. I got dragged into the blame like I always do. I got angry myself… especially when my brother-in-law decided to send a lengthy, accusatory, and rude text. I had outright said to the nieces that it “felt like” we only mattered when presents were involved. Yeah, I can admit it was a bad move but I was frustrated with the whole situation.

We only just heard from them in the past week and that was because Mom sent a text. She wants to talk it out, but they want to just act like it never happened. It tends to just re-happen when we ignore things, so I’m in the talk it over camp on this one. I don’t think we’ll ever truly resolve it, but I do think it is important for everyone to share their thoughts.

How do you deal with family conflict? Do you like to let it go or talk it through?

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