Its been a crazy week of more unpacking, decorating, parties, and getting ready for summer classes. I’ve also been trying to find every bit of laundry I have so I can play with my new washer and dryer. They are Maytag high-efficiency front-loading washers with more settings and options than I’ll ever need… and they clean (and dry) really well too. All I can say is they are worth every penny of the $2200 spent on them!

sixflagsgreatamericaIts only a few weeks until I can pick up Pandora… right before my birthday in July. Ross and I are going to make a weekend out of the trip. We’ll head out for a day at Great America (where I’ve never been) and I will get to go on a roller coaster for the very first time. After we leave there, we’ll drive towards Michigan until we’re too tired and grab a motel room. I’ll leave that evening’s activities to your imagination. The next day we’ll take the rest of the drive up to the breeder’s home in Michigan and then turn around and head back with a kitten who has probably never been in a car. Should be a fun way to spend the weekend before Independence Day!

ren-faire-garbThe Renaissance Faire is coming soon too. I’ve decided to dress for the occasion this year. There is a dress I’ve wanted for several years that I think would be perfect. (Its the one in the picture.) I still have to place my order for it, but I was hoping to get a few other things paid up first. It will be nice to be at the faire and not feel out of place wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I’m hoping to convince my sister and mom to come along too.

I picked up my books for summer classes yesterday. I’ve decided to get a head start on reading. It helps that the books came with lecture handouts, so I’ll have a rough idea of what’s covered. Taking Microbiology is hard enough, but this is an accelerated summer course, so any head start I can get should be helpful. Off to study for a bit…

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