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Do you love to wear jewelry? What if you could get a customized box of jewelry delivered to your doorstep each month? I was recently given the chance to experience this firsthand thanks to Cate & Chloe! The process first begins with a quiz. It was a quick quiz that covered some basics of my personal style. I was really curious to see how well they could match my tastes.

The Cate & Chloe boxes come in three levels. The Starter Package is one piece of jewelry and is $19.99 per month. The Double the Fun package is two pieces and is $29.99 per month. The Full VIP Status box is three pieces of jewelry and is $39.99 a month. (Shipping and exchanges are free on all VIP boxes.) As you could see in the unboxing video above, this is the package I received. Each box comes with a free gift, which was a hair product ($17 value) in this month’s boxes.

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I really love the “Ivy” pieces that I received. The square cut, the massive amount of sparkle, and a classic yet trendy look are exactly something I would have chosen for myself. I really wish I could better capture just how lovely they look. They are 18kt white gold with AAA grade cubic zirconia. The Ivy necklace and earrings sell for $150 each on the Cate & Chloe website.

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The Elise bracelet was a bit different from what I usually like, but I did like it. The mix of rose gold and classic lines would suit most wardrobes. I did run into a little hiccup here, though. I have large wrists and this fit too snugly to be comfortable. My mom is happy to take it off my hands, though. 😉 The Elise bracelet sells for $125 on the Cate & Chloe website.

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As someone who enjoys wearing jewelry whenever possible, I’m kind of obsessed with this box. I love the idea of getting a surprise jewelry piece (or two or three) delivered right to me. They were quite spot-on with the selections in my box. In my style quiz, I indicated a preference for classic pieces in silver and white gold tones. Based on reviews I have watched on YouTube and read through other blogs, they appear to have a couple box packages to send out to different style profiles.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

The free gift alone was a special treat. The L’ange Hair Replenish Conditioning Spray works very well and smells simply amazing! It’s a product I may add to my regular hair care routine.

The value of everything in the box tops $400. As you can see, you definitely get your money’s worth at just $39.99 a month. You can browse their site to get an idea of the styles and values of pieces you may find in your VIP box. They also let me know, should someone not like an item in their subscription box, they can contact support to arrange an exchange.

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Pros: Beautiful jewelry picked for you. Value exceeds what you pay. Special extra gift with your jewelry.

Cons: May not like some pieces, but they will exchange.

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