{Photo A Day} A Sick Day

28 Oct 2013

I swear that we seem to pick up something every time Xander has his check-up with the doctor! Now we’ve spent the last two days...

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{Photo A Day} New Furniture

25 Oct 2013

This post is long overdue… not because I took it a long time ago and forgot to post, but because it is something we have needed...

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{Photo A Day} Biking in the Leaves

18 Oct 2013

The leaves were falling off the trees so much today that it looked like it was snowing leaves. Despite the breeze, it wasn’t...

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{Photo A Day} A Video for a Change

16 Oct 2013

Yep, there I go breaking my Photo A Day rules again! I’m posting a video. Tsk tsk. I published it to my YouTube page first, but...

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{Photo A Day} Owls

15 Oct 2013

Okay, okay… so it has been pretty much two months since my last “daily” photo. I’ve been taking plenty of...

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{Photo A Day} Tuxedo Butterfly

27 Aug 2013

My obsession with Maggie Bags is no secret. It’s a company I’m proud to support. Their newly re-designed Butterfly Bags...

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{Photo A Day} Mugging

26 Aug 2013

We were recently at A&W for lunch with Xander’s Nana (my mom). We went often when we were growing up… until A&W...

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{Photo A Day} Storm

7 Aug 2013

Our area was hit by a surprise, freak storm last night. All of the weather reports called for a mild thunderstorm… but in the...

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{Photo A Day} Fever

3 Aug 2013

We ended up taking Xander into the emergency room last night. He was warm to the touch, despite a normal reading on the thermometer....

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{Photo A Day} Water Baby

2 Aug 2013

We’ve been on vacation! It was definitely interesting trying to maintain this blog while I was away. My phone service was...

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{Photo A Day} Big Brother ~ Slight Spoiler

21 Jul 2013

I’m a big Big Brother fan. I love the show so much that I subscribe to the live feeds. Last night McCrae and Amanda went on a...

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{Photo A Day} Chalk

20 Jul 2013

For those who follow me on Instagram, this is a repeat. Xander and I were outside playing in the driveaway. We started out drawing...

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{Photo A Day} Maritime

10 Jul 2013

I’m obsessed with Maggie Bags. I got my newest one and just had to show it off. It is the Bailey bag in the Maritime color...

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{Photo A Day} Pool Party With Nana

8 Jul 2013

It was finally consistently warm and dry enough for a few days to get Xander’s pool set up. My mom was over and joined in the...

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{Photo A Day} Zoo Collage

7 Jul 2013

We spent the day at the zoo with Xander’s Nana, Grandma, auntie, uncle, and cousin. The weather was muggy. The rain that came...

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