The importance of a healthy life should be celebrated at every age. However, a slightly bigger emphasis should be placed on health, fitness, and wellbeing as you grow older. The reason for this is simple; we experience a lot of changes as we grow old, all of which can have an impact on us. We experience changes in our personal lives and our professional lives. It could be we change jobs or retire, see our children leave home, experience the wrath of bereavement, and experience sudden physical changes. They all pay a part. That’s why it is important we know how to handle these changes; more often than not it can be the very thing that keeps us healthy in body and mind. As such, we have compiled a list of ways for you maintain a wonderful balance no matter how many candles may have been on your last birthday cake.

In short, life is funny; it comes in troughs and peaks. Sometimes there are periods of unrelenting joy and luck, and sometimes there are epochs of stress, worry, anxiety and hurt. That’s why building up a tolerance is crucial to your wellbeing. After all, life isn’t about how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. We know, wise words from Sylvester Stallone, but truer words have rarely be spoken because life is about resilience. So here are some tips for coping with sudden, or gradual, changes that may occur in your life.



Everything in life we lose. It could be loved one’s, possessions, health, everything. That’s why it is so important we take a moment to remember all the things we are grateful for. Life is precious and so are the things in it, yet we somehow take these things for granted without ever intending to. So pause for a second and think about what makes you happy. It could be your children, your dog, your classic car or your holiday photos. Whatever it is, appreciate the fact you have them in your life.


As you grow old, your body will start to become more susceptible to harm. Your immune system slows down. Your body doesn’t recover like it once did. Your muscles lose strength. All if it is normal. That’s why it is important to protect it. It could be that you ensure your will is up to date or it could be upgrading your medical care, both of which can be daunting. So speak to your lawyer, or to the wonderful people at, and see what you can be doing in preparation for old age.


Sharing your feelings isn’t always easier, and even less so when we grow old. We almost don’t want to admit that our bodies are slowing down or that are minds aren’t as sharp or that we have adopted fears we didn’t have when we were young. We tend to think that sharing these emotions is a sign of weakness, which it isn’t. In fact, suppressing any emotions you have can have negative effects on your mental and physical wellbeing. Anger, regret, worry, anxiety; all of these can spiral out of control and lead to mental health issues, namely depression. So talk when you can and to whomever you feel comfortable; even if that is just a diary. Any outlet is better than no outlet.


There is always a silver lining to be found, it is just a matter of finding it. Luckily, that is just a matter of attitude. If you don’t like something, then change it, and if you can’t change it then you should change the way you think about it. This will allow us to grow, to expand our minds, to see life from a different angle, to be better people. All too often we dwell on things, get down about stuff, take things personally; so why not try and use these things in a positive way. That includes learning from mistakes instead of just regretting them.


We all like to be in control; whether that is our bodies, our minds or our surroundings. However, this is a battle already lost, because most of life is out of our control. That is a fact, so it is far wiser to accept it than to fight it. You can’t control everything, so instead of getting worked up, stressed, anxious or worried, accept it and then find a solution. This will help you deal with change far better, we promise you. You can’t control everything, but you can control the way you react to things happening, remember that because that is where you should focus. Everything else should be met with a smile and a pinch of humor. It will only help you.


Not everything is easy to handle. Some things can knock you for six, and these challenges can all too often seem too big to handle. As such, we seem to try and ignore them, which is impossible; they simply end up niggling away at the deepest parts of our mind. What’s more, ignorance doesn’t help you deal with the problem. It is still going to be there, whether you wait a day, a week, a month or whatever. It will only add to the worry. As such, start learning the benefits of taking action. We don’t mean you need to solve the problem immediately, but don’t ignore it. Just take little steps forward, tackle one part of the issue at a time. If it is the death of a loved one that has hit you for 6, then why not take action by way of counseling. If it is money woes, why not speak to your bank manager and see what can be done. If it is ill-health, why not inform your family and work toward a solution in unity. Silence won’t solve anything. What’s more, the smallest of steps forward will stave off any suffocating feelings, and will massively encourage a positive attitude to shine out. It doesn’t matter how small the step you take is, it will remind you that you have some power over the change at hand.

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