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Your little one is crawling, pulling herself up and holding on to furniture and she’s beginning to cruise along the tables and couches. It’s time for her first pair of shoes. If you’re thinking of those white, leather high-topped shoes with the stiff soles, shove them out of your minds, mom and dad!

Your baby’s feet are in the most critical area of development right now. In fact, the first 18 months, when her bones are still like cartilage, mean that, if you choose the wrong pair of shoes, her feet will pay the price. Keep these points in mind – flexibility, frequent replacement and affordability. She needs soft-soled shoes that allow her feet to flex as she learns how to walk. Soft-sole shoes flex easily at the toes. Better yet, even though she won’t be barefoot, she’ll be getting the benefits of bare feet.

yhst-92271754204341_2266_222264554The soles should be smooth so she won’t trip. The sole inside the shoe should flex easily and have some padding. The upper part should breathe and be made of canvas, cloth or soft leather. The ideal shoe is the owl baby shoes at It meets all the requirements your baby’s feet need.

Look for these other qualities in your baby’s first shoe: lightweight, closed-toe, absorbent and comfortable insole. Shoe laces or Velcro closures don’t matter. Velcro is more convenient, but your baby will soon learn how to pull them off. Happy shoe shopping!

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